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11.12.20- HUD Chronic Homelessness Definition & Requirements- Recorded Webinar

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Trainer: Jennifer Fabbrini, Program Manager - Monitoring and Technical Assistance at All Chicago

Description: All Chicago invites all HUD-CoC funded permanent supportive housing providers to attend a training on HUD's Definition of Chronic Homelessness and Recordkeeping Requirements. As a reminder, the Chicago CoC mandated that all HUD CoC-funded Permanent Supportive Housing programs fill their turnover units with households experiencing chronic homelessness. Additionally, in alignment with our federal partners, Chicago's Coordinated Entry System established prioritization and matching criteria targeted to end chronic homelessness for all populations in our city.
  • 11.12.20- HUD Chronic Homelessness Definition _ Requirements.mp4Time-1h:17m:12s
  • HUD Final Rule: Chronically Homeless Definition & Recordkeeping
  • CoC-Chronic-Homelessness-Verification-Packet-and-Procedures_2018.pdf
  • Housing History_Final.pdf
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