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04.06.2020- All Chicago’s HUD Waiver Question & Answer Session- Recorded Webinar

On April 1, HUD announced the availability of a waiver of certain regulatory requirements for the CoC, ESG, and HOPWA grant programs. All Chicago is facilitating a Question and Answer Session via GoToWebinar to assist our partners in understanding the details and timeframes of the requirements that can be waived, as well as the process for notifying HUD of a waiver request.

Date: 04/06/2020 Time of training: 3:30 PM- 4:30 PM

  • 04.06.2020- All Chicago_s HUD Waiver Question _ Answer Session.mp4
  • Slides from All Chicago_s HUD Waiver Q_ASession 2020.04.06.pdf
  • Covid_Waivers_and_Process.pdf
  • HUD Waiver Notification Template for Chicago CoC _1_.docx
  • Sample Notification Letter.docx
  • SAMPLE Recordkeeping Emergency Protocol Template.docx
  • 04.21.20-Chicago CoC Program Q & A HUD Waiver Grant Amendments other COVID-1.mp4
  • CoC Q_A Webinar 4.21.20.pdf
  • CoC Program Webinar 4.21.20 Summary.pdf
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