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Chronic Homeless Definition & Recordkeeping Requirements-10.26.22

This is a recording of a webinar that took place on Wednesday, October 26th 10-11:30am

Description:In this course, attendees will learn and practice how to determine whether a household meets HUD's definition of chronic homelessness. This involves assessing if the household has a disability, how long they have been experiencing homelessness, and where they are currently living. Next, attendees will learn recordkeeping requirements related to documenting chronic homelessness in participant files, including how to use Chicago's Chronic Homeless Verification Packet.

Recommended Audience: Any providers responsible for documenting proof of chronic homelessness, administrative staff responsible for ensuring the accuracy of participant records

Presenter: Jennifer Fabbrini, Program Manager-Monitoring and Technical Assistance, All Chicago

Date: 10/26/2022 Time of training: 10-11:30am Training Format: Recorded Webinar

  • Recording of Chronic Homeless Definition & Recordkeeping Requirements
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  • All units must be completed
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