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Crisis De-Escalation Part I-11.30.23

This is a recording of a training that took place on November 30th, 12023.

Description: This training serves to provide participants with information on the basics of crisis de-escalation. Managing a crisis or a potential crisis can be extremely stressful and sometimes scary. However, having the right skills, understanding the importance of self-awareness, and reviewing what the client might need during a crisis, can lead the situation to a successful outcome.    
Learning Objectives: 
1. Define mental health crisis and explore what it can look like
2. Review the Stage Model of Crisis Development
3. Address and discuss the importance of self-awareness in a crisis situation
4. Review client considerations
5. Identify de-escalation techniques
6. Review crisis management
7. Address post-crisis follow up

Recommended Audience: Anyone will benefit from this training, but it is especially recommended for case managers, direct service staff, and any staff who have direct contact with program participants.

Presenter: Michael Chiarella, Thresholds

Date: 11/30/2023 Training Format: Recorded Webinar

  • Recording of Crisis De-Escalation Part I
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever