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Case Management: Engagement

Welcome to the CoC Foundation Menu Training Series!


This training series is composed of a menu of lessons in a series covering topics as part of the onboarding process to support you in your organization's role.

All course development was a peer-led effort; a team of subject matter experts created this training to address the need for onboarding new employees on these essential topics.

This training is for onboarding or acting as a refresher to introduce new or current staff to key concepts, develop or refine skills.

All lessons are self-paced, which means participants can take the time they need and set their schedule instead of working within a developed structure for them; this means no set time and a deadline to complete course materials so that you can access the materials at any time.

ABOUT THIS MODULE: Case Management: Engagement

Presenter: Abbie Beato, LCSW, CADC-Director of Case Management- Franciscan Outreach

Franciscan Outreach is a leading provider of homeless services in Chicago. We operate as a system of support for men and women who are marginalized and homeless. We empower people to gain the stability they need to transition into permanent housing.
Through five service sites, we provide a diverse array of programs and services to our most vulnerable neighbors. Every day, we offer healthy meals to those who are hungry, a warm bed for those who need shelter, vital case management for those who need guidance, and access to critical resources for those who need specialized services such as health care, mental health counseling, and substance use disorder treatment.
Since our founding in 1963, Franciscan Outreach has been dedicated to providing compassionate care and support to our Chicago neighbors in need. We welcome and serve all people, no matter what their life circumstances may be. We meet people where they’re at and assist them on their journey toward self-sufficiency and independence. Each person who walks through our doors seeking assistance is considered a guest and is treated with dignity and respect.
Grounded in the Franciscan tradition, we serve everyone regardless of their beliefs, and we do not conduct or require participation in religious services. We are committed to working together as an inclusive community that promotes equal treatment and opportunity for all. We strive to create a caring, safe, and supportive community that embraces and uplifts everyone, especially our most vulnerable neighbors.

Source: https://franoutreach.org

Upon completion of this training module, participants will be able to:
• Why is engagement important?
• What gets in the way of engagement?
• What practices support engagement?

Upon Completion: A completion certificate can be viewed by selecting "My certificate" from the list to download. Please consider downloading as a PDF.

Total Time to Complete Module: 1 hour

Training Format: Self-Paced Course

  • Case Management: Engagement- Time 36m:38s
  • Case Management: Engagement Review Questions
  • Additional Resources
  • Language_MattersHandout.docx
  • Stages_of_Change.pdf
  • Change Rulers
  • generalnotetakerform.pdf
  • End of Course Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever