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Case Notes and Time Management 101

Welcome to the CoC Foundation Menu Training Series!


This training series is composed of a menu of lessons in a series covering topics as part of the onboarding process to support you in your organization's role.

All course development was a peer-led effort; a team of subject matter experts created this training to address the need for onboarding new employees on these essential topics.

This training is for onboarding or acting as a refresher to introduce new or current staff to key concepts, develop or refine skills.

All lessons are self-paced, which means participants can take the time they need and set their schedule instead of working within a developed structure for them; this means no set time and a deadline to complete course materials so that you can access the materials at any time.

ABOUT THIS MODULE: Case Notes and Time Management 101

Presenter: Kimberlee Ross, LCSW- Director of Programs-Housing Opportunities for Women (HOW)

HOW provides access to stable and affordable housing through the creation and maintenance of housing units for households who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness. HOW marries the Housing First model—which recognizes housing as the foremost factor in improving client’s quality of life—with supportive case management and services to most effectively deter against sustained homelessness and housing insecurity. The path to security and success begins immediately with the Intake Team and intake assessment. As soon as clients are accepted into HOW’s program, they begin working with a dedicated case manager to assess barriers and challenges including physical or mental illness, substance use, or underemployment, and focus on stabilizing wellness and health; skill development and education; and income and employment training. Case Managers provide linkages to benefits applications, HOW’s Youth, Employment, or Health teams, and to external supports.

Source: https://www.how-inc.org/housing

Upon completion of this training module, participants will be able to:

• Understand the purpose and function of client case notes
• Be able to apply skills outlined to write clear, consistent, and appropriate case notes
• Identify techniques to manage time effectively

Upon Completion: A completion certificate can be viewed by selecting "My certifications" from the list to download. Please consider downloading as a PDF.

Total Time to Complete Module: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Training Format: Self-Paced Course

  • Case Notes and Time Management 101
  • Case Notes and Time Management 101- Time: 44m:17s
  • Case Notes and Time Management 101- Review Questions
  • Additional Resources
  • Resource List – Case Notes and Time Management 101
  • Self-Care-Tips- Therapist Aid.pdf
  • Time Tracking Tool - template.xlsx
  • GeneralNoteTakerForm.pdf
  • End of the Course Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever